Going to Nepal with World Challenge was an incredible experience! It was my first time overseas and I cannot wait to travel again.

Our group had a lot of fun and made some amazing memories when we visited the bat cave, the Pagoda, the Monkey Temple, the Budha Stupa and the Dunbar Square. We also volunteered at a local primary school in Pokhara where we painted the walls of the classrooms and built a small room which became a canteen.

As rewarding as this part of the trip was the trekking phase was utterly unbelievable. Trekking through the Himalayas was perfect. The views were stunning, the actual trekking wasn’t too challenging and the group became good friends helping each other through tough times and playing cards into the late hours.

I strongly recommend this experience to anyone who wants to travel and be challenged. My advice would be to bring a camera, a journal to write in and an extra roll of toilet paper!