Serena Lee is a designer and entrepreneur most recently known for co-founding AgTech startup Farmwall. Serena is a systems thinker – passionate about smart, biophilic cities, and creating closer connections between humans and food. Recognised as one of Smart   Companys’ 30 Under 30, Serena’s work – whether it be in design or startup business development, is impact based – consistently centered around positive social and environmental outcomes.

Currently acting as a Non Executive Director to her startup Farmwall, Serena provides strategy, advisory and consulting to her CEO, shareholders and corporate partners. Since her time at Brighton Secondary College, Serena undertook a Bachelors in Communication Design at Monash University, started her own design business, enrolled in two back-to-back business accelerator programs, and spent four years building the urban farming startup ‘Farmwall’ with business partner Geert Hendrix.

Built as a social enterprise on a mission to ‘Transform Cities Into Food Producing Ecosystems’, Farmwall grew from two people with an idea—to an investor funded company with several employees, operating across Australia, with major corporate partners.

Serena has run a successful $30k crowdfunding campaign to kick start her business, rolled out a comprehensive indoor vertical farming program to hospitality, and major corporates across Melbourne and Sydney, as well as relocated interstate to expand and grow her NSW business and team.

Through Farmwall’s work in Sydney, Lee was the key partner in delivering a groundbreaking, indoor urban farm to property developer Mirvac, winning their company the prestigious AFR BOSS Most Innovative Property Company in 2019. The team then went on to co-design the ‘future food’ delivery to Westpac Bank, educating hundreds of employees on the importance of urban food production for the environment, as well as physical and mental health.

On top of being a recognised as Foodservice Australia’s ‘Top 30 Under 30’ in 2018, Serena is a finalist for the Environmental Sustainability Award (7NEWS | IKON Services Australia 2020), as well as a nominee The Australian Leadership Award (Australian Davos Connection 2020).

Serena’s work even granted her the opportunity to present Farmwall to former Prince Harry and Meghan Markle in Government House, at the Victoria Youth Leaders Reception, showcasing the states most honourable ventures in presentation to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, in the presence of Linda Dessau The Hon. Governor of Victoria.