2025 SEAL Applications

Wednesday, 24 July 2024

Friday, 12 July 2024

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The aim of the Select Entry Accelerated Learning Program (SEAL) is to provide educational experiences of an appropriate type and quality for that group of children identified through the selection procedures as having exceptional academic ability. These students are capable of high academic performance and will benefit from an accelerated and enriched learning program.

Students will be able to choose from one of the available SEAL strands below:


The ELHES SEAL program is designed to encourage students with strong literacy skills to pursue excellence in these fields. Students will be exposed to a broad range of literary texts that will extend their reading beyond teenage fiction into modern and classical literature. They will develop their analytical and creative writing skills to enhance their future studies of English, Literature and the Humanities.


The I & E SEAL program is designed for students who have a curious disposition, enjoy critical thinking, problem solving and decision making. They are excellent communicators, enjoy a collaborative approach and apply a global context to their thinking. This program would be ideal for any student interested in and engaged by entrepreneurial thinking and behaviours. Ideally we would be seeking students who are academically strong but perhaps don’t have a particular academic passion or goal.


The STEM SEAL strand is designed for students whose passion clearly lies in the Mathematics and Science areas. The program of study focuses on the application of the subjects in a challenging and rigorous manner. Integrative STEM develops in students the knowledge, understanding and skills needed to actively contribute to society and influence scientific developments through innovation, both now and in the future.