Leadership development at Brighton Secondary College is encouraged and valued. Leadership is promoted as a skill that can be learned, nurtured and developed in students and as a quality which encompasses the ability to empathise, inspire, listen and communicate respectfully.

We encourage our students to devlop their own leadership identity by fostering confidence, responsibility and the fundamental desire to assist others, in addition to positively and productively engaging with our college community.

Leadership opportunities are offered both formally and informally across all year levels; where student involvement is encouraged, potential is nutured, and connectedness to the college and wider community strengthened.

Student leaders work collaboratively to devlop a school culture that promotes college pride, respect, tolerance, aspiration and achievement.

The program encourages participation in a range of leadership conferences and workshops which not only develop emerging leaders, but challenge students to be aspirational, test thinking and encourage empathy.

Together our leadership positions and opportunities emphasise the awareness to sustain cultural diversity and the need to build skills and prepare leaders for a globally defined future.