Program 2020

The Discovery Centre is a specialised learning centre that caters specifically for our mainstream Year 9 students. It recognises the need for students to have a place they call ‘home’. It is a facility which has the flexibility to cater for the maturing and developing mind of a student in Year 9. It is therefore proposed that having completed an important developmental year in the Discovery Centre, students will enter their final three years of secondary education with four key foundations in place:

  • Good relations with their teachers
  • A positive view about school
  • A wide range of skills and breadth of curriculum options to enable them to tackle further and more demanding education
  • A desire to continue learning

The facility is unlike the traditional arrangement of classrooms seen in the rest of the school. It incorporates two common learning areas that accommodate up to 50 students with three teachers in a team, a science room and multi-purpose classrooms.

Co curricular programs run throughout the year and broaden the learning experienced by our Year 9 students in the Discovery Centre. These programs enhance the links between the social, emotional and intellectual development of our students.