The Year 9 Centre is a specialised learning centre that caters specifically for our mainstream Year 9 students. It recognises the need for students to have a place they call ‘home’. It is a facility which has the flexibility to cater for the maturing and developing mind of a student in Year 9. It is therefore proposed that having completed an important developmental year, students will enter their final three years of secondary education with four key foundations in place:

  • Good relations with their teachers
  • A positive view about school
  • A wide range of skills and breadth of curriculum options to enable them to tackle further and more demanding education
  • A desire to continue learning

Year 9 is very much a transitional year from junior through to senior school. It is the first year students select their electives to supplement their core subjects. In addition students will experience exams for the first time as they begin preparing for senior school.

Resourcefulness is a key skill in the Senior School, so students complete workshops in the Personal Excellence Programs that equip them with general and subject-specific study skills. These skills will be applied during core-subject exam, to allow students to experience the preparations and conditions of future VCE assessments. The aim is to support students through this process, focusing heavily on integrity and their attainment of and reflection on study techniques so that they can develop strategies for success.