Justine Mogueis (class of 2018) receives Premier’s VCE Award 2019

Justine Mogueis (class of 2018) receives Premier’s VCE Award 2019

Justine Mogueis received a Study Award for excellence in Community Services (VCE VET).

The annual Premier’s VCE Awards recognise the top-performing students in the state, with over 250 students presented this year with awards for their outstanding results.

The entire Brighton Secondary College community is proud of Justine, and would like to congratulate her on being the recipient of such a prestigious award.

Justine is currently studying a Commerce degree at Monash University Clayton.

To read more about the Premier’s VCE Awards, visit: https://www.education.vic.gov.au/about/awards/Pages/vceawards.aspx

Where are they now? Alumni Meg O’Leary flying high

Where are they now? Alumni Meg O’Leary flying high

At Brighton Secondary College we love hearing from past students as they make their way in the world and pursue their goals. Recently we heard from Meg O’Leary (class of 2011), a newly minted pilot with Tiger Air. Meg graciously answered a few questions for us about school and what it takes to see a dream come to fruition:

“I moved to Australia from the UK in 2008 and joined BSC in Year 9. I completed Years 9-12 at BSC. My favourite opportunity I took advantage of was to become Murray house captain in Year 12 and having the chance to develop my leadership skills.

I believe that motivation and dedication are key to achieving your goals, and an understanding that things that are worthwhile will generally not come easy. At times you may need to make sacrifices to achieve your long term goals. Remain optimistic and motivated throughout and keep your long term goals at the forefront of your mind.”

When asked about the challenge of pursuing a career in an industry that could be percieved as male-oriented, Meg went on to say:

“Don’t worry about it! Just do whatever you want to do and don’t allow any unwarranted generalised perceptions to put you off doing something you are interested in. As we all know age, race, gender, religion etc all have no bearing on our skill and ability to do a certain job. At the moment the aviation industry, among many other male dominated industries, are pushing more and more to raise the numbers of female employees and strive for gender equality across all roles.

Keep working hard towards your individual goals and don’t worry if thinks take a bit longer than you think, or are harder than you think. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have specific goal yet either. Just keep doing whatever makes you happy.”

Meg wishes everyone at Brighton Secondary College well, and the next time you fly Tiger Air, keep an eye out for Meg!

STEM & Language Centre Formula 1 Grand Prix Excursion

STEM & Language Centre Formula 1 Grand Prix Excursion

Brighton Secondary College’s STEM and Language Centre classes take a trip to the Formula 1 Grand Prix Melbourne 2019 and take part in educational activities.
All with the goal of inspiring the next generation, the Industry & Innovation Precinct is the destination for students taking part in the Driving Learning education program.
With growing career prospects in the field of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM), students leave the destination feeling empowered about their future and the endless opportunities.
Students have the chance to immerse themselves in the world of Formula One, and get captivated by the innovative technology that governs the sport.


OES Coastal Camp 2019

OES Coastal Camp 2019

Year 12 Outdoor and Environmental Studies students attend 2 camps throughout the year. This first one is a 2 day / 2 night trip to the Great Otway National Park area. The goal of the camp is to build on the students’ knowledge of the area. This includes exploring historical relationships humans have with the area, understanding the impact Indigenous people had on the area and exploring how the landscape has changed over time and why. On the camp students will be involved in 4 main activities: a canyon walk, stand up paddle boarding and an Indigenous history in the area session which will all be run by the company “Eco Logic” who are based in the area. Students will also complete an ‘explore session’consists of viewing local sites impacted by fire and a Koorie exploration walk.

Madeline Cook scores Victoria School Sports Award 2018

Madeline Cook scores Victoria School Sports Award 2018

Brighton Secondary College would like to congratulate Madeline Cook Year 7 who has been chosen to receive the 2018 Victoria School Sport Award for Football (Soccer). The award will be presented at the MCG on March 14th.  

Madeline began playing soccer at the age of 5 for co-ed teams at Brighton Soccer Club where she was known to the boys as “The Sporty Girl”.

After two seasons at Brighton, Madeline moved to Ottawa, Canada where she played in an all girl’s league. Madeline achieved the golden boot for her team.

During the winter of 2014, Madeline participated in an international soccer camp in London, Ontario.

Returning to Australia in December of 2015, Madeline joined the Sandringham Soccer Club.  Coached by Sven Samild, her Under 11 girls team went undefeated.  During the 2016 season Madeline was chosen to represent Sandringham in the Caruana Cup, The Brighton Girls Tournament and the Castlefield Cup.  Her teams came first in each of these competitions.

Her Sandringham 2017 under 12 team came first in the Kangaroo League. Madeline achieved the Kangaroo League golden boot.  Madeline was chosen to represent Sandringham in the 2017 Caruana and Castlefield Cups.  Her teams achieved second and first respectively.

Madeline played her 2018 season in the Under 12 Squad at Bayside United FC, a Women’s National Premier League team.  She had a very successful season at Bayside and was the high scorer for the team and twice named Player of the Week.

After extensive trials, Madeline was chosen to participate in the 2018 Victoria School Sport Girls Under 13 Team. She competed in the week long National SSV tournament in Sydney in September of 2018.

Madeline also plays Futsal and was chosen for the Futsal Federation Victoria State Girls Under 14 Squad which participated in the New Zealand National Youth Futsal Championships in Palmerston North, NZ ,13-15 July 2018.

Madeline was selected to represent Victoria State in the National Futsal Tournament held in Sydney in January of 2019.

Madeline is currently Striker for South Melbourne FC, a Women’s National Premier League Team.  Madeline is in the 7th grade at Brighton Secondary College.

Madeline wants to continue her soccer career and is exploring all of her options.