On the 9th of May our class travelled to Rubicon Outdoor School’s Naook campus near Warburton. We started the camp activities with a 4 kilometre walk from the top of Mount Donabuang, where we discussed different risks and precautions we had to take for the hike including wet surfaces and high speed winds. After we completed the walk, we set up for the night at Warburton Camp Site and began to cook our first meal for the camp.

The next morning, we prepared to go river sledding. Considering the weather conditions (wet, cold and windy), everyone was reluctant to get in the icy water but everyone sucked it up, got in and had a ball. The day was full of laughs and splashing around in the cold water as no one could stay on their rafts. We then made our way down to the Rubicon School of Outdoor Education and set up for another night of camp. Our chill time consisted of playing intense games of Uno and getting to know each other even more.

Our final day of camp started bright and early. To make this early start even better, there was icy cold weather and heavy rainfall to get us ready and warm for our final activity: tree climbing. The weather continued to get worse as we scaled the tall and mighty trees of Rubicon; we soldiered on and had a blast. We finished off the camp with homemade pizza, music and warm drinks. The 3 day Advance Camp was short but sweet; the whole class had a fabulous time and we all came back closer than ever.

“One of the best camps I’ve been on! Amazing activities!”