Wednesday 14th March – 6:30pm at Kingston Arts Centre

The Brighton Secondary College Chorals is a program designed to foster leadership, togetherness and build friendships through music and singing. Having worked with many vocal groups and choirs over my career, never have I seen such a healthy and positive competition promoting music as a tool for engagement that involves such a large portion of the school community.

Through the experience of preparing for and performing at Chorals, the College has seen our students’ passion and dedication grow to incredible levels. The students proud to have brought together a wonderful show dedicated to the Soul and Motown music of the 60’s. This theme has opened up opportunities to so many talented vocalists and a changed format has given a solo to a student within a choir setting.

Our Cultural Captains have more than risen to the occasion. They have gone from strength to strength with each rehearsal, and their skills in leadership, building relationships, organisation and the understanding of working with a large group has developed greatly over the term. They have also learned skills in music, coordinating the harmonies for the choirs, and working in a very short timeline, which is no easy feat.

We are so very proud of the captains, choirs, and soloists this year, and we hope to see you at Chorals this year!