Elodie Nadon (JD BPsychSc) graduated from Brighton Secondary College in 2009 with excellent VCE results. After starting BioMedicine at Monash, she transferred to Swinburne University to study Psychology. It was duirng this time that Elodie was diagnosed with a brain tumour. After undergoing brain surgery, rehabilitation and radiation treatment, Elodie eventually returned to studying Psychology, this time back at Monash. She graduated as dux of her degree in Psychological Sciences.

At this time, Elodie decided to pursue postgraduate studies in Law, being accepted into the Juris Doctor course at Monash. Her studies involved a semester in Italy. Once again, Elodie graduated as dux of the course and was offered an internship at the prestigious international law firm, Herbert, Smith, Freehills (HSF). As part of this internship, Elodie spent a month working at the HSF Tokyo office. Elodie’s work at HSF has been in Commercial Law.

Following her return to Australia, a routine scan revealed a relapse in Elodie’s cancer, requiring further treatment and on-going monitoring. As part of her processing of the experience of brain cancer, Elodie has been involved in a number of state and national cancer boards, becoming a youth cancer advocate.

Wanting to broaden her legal experience further, Elodie has taken leave from HSF and embarked on an associateship with a Supreme Court Judge working in Criminal Law. Among the choices Elodie will face at the end of this year is whether to return to Commercial Law at HSF or proceed towards the Bar Entrance Exam and pursue a role as a barrister.

Elodie is an excellent example of someone who has worked hard to overcome obstacles and achieve her goals. She has also demonstrated that the pathways towards these goals are rarely linear or smooth.