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Year 7 Transition

In response to feedback and comments from parents and students in previous years, we have implemented a Transition Program for Future Year 7 Students.

Students use this program to become more familiar with the grounds and facilities, and have greater opportunities to meet new friends and staff. The program runs over three days – a welcome morning, a half day and a final full day.

Students will get to know their teachers and timetable, have lockers allocated, meet with Peer Support Leaders and complete their General Abilities Overview and find answers to their important questions, such as:

• What do I bring to school on the first day?
• How do I find my way around school?
• What are the school rules?
• When will I be assigned my netbook?


Saturday 29 April, 9am
Year 6 students for entry into Year 7 2018
Registration via Edutest
Wednesday 30 August, 12.30pm
Year 8 students for entry into Year 10 2018
Wednesday 30 August, 12.30pm
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