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Year 7 START Program
Our School, Transition And Resilience Training (START) program, held in semester 1, provides students with strategies to build belonging and promote wellbeing and resilience.
The START program is implemented by the well-being staff in Term 2 of each year.

Each Year 7 class spends a day exploring a range of themes designed to enhance resilience and further acquaint students with the range of well-being resources that exist at Brighton Secondary College.

The START day is divided into three sessions, exploring the themes of “Self-Worth”, “Self-Control” and “Self-Care” as detailed below:

Session 1
Explores our strengths, the messages we give to ourselves (self-talk) and the coping strategies that build the resilience required to successfully manage life’s many challenges.
Session 2
Focuses on the links between the way we think and our feelings & behaviours. Deals with the management of strong negative feelings such as anger. Followed by a shared lunch.
Session 3
Introduces a variety of mindfulness, relaxation and other self-care strategies to enable us to stay emotionally healthy and combat stress and anxiety. Explores healthy sleep behaviours, diet and exercise.
Saturday 29 April, 9am
Year 6 students for entry into Year 7 2018
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Wednesday 30 August, 12.30pm
Year 8 students for entry into Year 10 2018
Wednesday 30 August, 12.30pm
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