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Year 7 Orientation
Academic Enrichment Program (AEP)
The Academic Enrichment Program or AEP is open to all year 7 students.
Enrichment is a term that refers to the broadening of the curriculum to deepen understanding through the application of knowledge and the creation of cross-curricular links. While it is typically seen as the domain of gifted learners, we believe that all students can benefit from enrichment opportunities.
The purpose of the enrichment program is to allow the students to understand how the subjects that they study in their regular classes interconnect and to develop a broader and more rounded perspective of their learning. It is not about providing more classwork or even more difficult classwork; the tasks that students work on during the AEP sessions encourage and require good problem-solving skills and lateral thinking, but they are based on drawing links between the students’ existing knowledge and skills.
The program includes exploration of the connections between topics such as philosophy, linguistics, history, economics, sociology, geography, psychology, futurism, art and justice. Students are encouraged to pursue their interests and will be expected to guide and contribute to some elements of the program. Where time allows, the students will be encouraged to participate in external events like the Tournament of Minds or the Solar Car Challenge.
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