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Message from College Council President
I am delighted to say that I have been part of the Brighton Secondary College community for over eight years.
As parents, carers and as a community we want our school to provide a teaching and learning environment in which our children will feel motivated and enriched by their experiences and achievements. In addition we want a caring nurturing environment offering safety and security for our children as they grow into responsible young adults.
At Brighton Secondary College, we offer a curriculum and learning environment based on absolute inclusivity. Whether our students are academically gifted or visual hands on learners, be they local or international students, either resolute about their path or still exploring their choices, there is a welcoming environment for them with us. Brighton Secondary College is inclusive of all students and we are passionate about all students having opportunities to experience success in learning.
Our inclusiveness is defined by our relationships which we recognise as the platform for all successful teaching and learning. Students, teachers, parents, administration staff and the broader community – these relationships are our foundation and we endeavour to nurture all of them. Especially important to me is the teacher / student relationship.
In my own experience this relationship is paramount and we encourage our whole school community to protect, grow and be responsible for this relationship.
Our focus on expansive education recognises that grades and scores are an important element of our curriculum but equally important is the development of the student as reflective learner, resilient human being and as a member of the broader community equipped with a transferable set of knowledge and skills as they head out into their future.
I have had the pleasure of getting to know many of our students over the years as they have grown at Brighton Secondary College and have been impressed by their maturity, thoughtfulness and care for each other and their environment, their humour and their clever articulation of local and global issues. At the same time I have had the opportunity to meet and get to know many of our dedicated teachers who care for our students well beyond the classroom, showing patience and enduring passion as they guide them towards achieving their personal best.
It is my privilege and honour to lead our school council this year and continue our long held tradition of strong and purposeful governance ensuring the best interests of all students are represented in all decisions.
Welcome to Brighton Secondary College!
Tania Madjaric Grierson
College Council President
Council Members:
Tania Madjaric Grierson: President (Parent representative)
Keith Davidson: Treasurer (Community representative)
Richard Minack: Principal, Executive Officer
Parent Representatives
Sean Doherty
Paul French
Tanya James
Andrew McLorinan
Mark Schroffel
PFA Representative
Jayne Grant
Staff Representatives
Pat Gargano
Lee Angelidis
Shae Hower
Richard Impey
Student Representative
Twiggy Mercer
Community Representatives
Keith Davidson
Nicky Mackie
Wednesday 30 August, 12.30pm
Year 8 students for entry into Year 10 2018
Wednesday 30 August, 12.30pm
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