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Key International Support People
Gary Agg
Manager, International Program
Phone: +61477 743 566 Email:
Gary leads a dedicated student support team that assists our international students with their orientation process.  They assist with visa, passport, enrolment, and guardian matters. One of their important roles is to communicate with parents overseas.

Jessica Luong
Coordinator, International Program
Phone: +61438 350 157 Email:

Ms Luong helps students with daily life at the College. She organises homestays and assists with all aspects of academic and personal issues faced by international students.

Kaye Sentry
Assistant Principal, Senior School
As head of the Senior School, Ms Sentry oversees the academic progress of our international students in years 10-12 and provides appropriate academic counselling.

Mirsina Apostolellis
Manager, English Language Centre
Ms Apostolellis manages the English Language Centre which operates on site to cater for our International students. 

Maureen Peart
Business Manager
As the head of finance at the College, Ms Peart deals with all financial inquiries including homestay payments.

Dee Gargano, Jean Hunter
Administrators, Senior School
Located in the Senior School office, Ms Gargano and Ms Hunter monitor attendance and are additional contacts for senior international students requiring support.

Barb Hollens
Administrator, Junior School
Located in the Junior School office, Ms Hollens monitors attendance and is another contact person for junior international students requiring support.

Gayle Whittaker
College Registrar
Ms Whittaker provides administrative support to the Overseas Student Program, by issuing student ID cards and helping with change of address details.
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