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Select Entry Accelerated Learning Program

Brighton Secondary College is one of only 34 Victorian secondary schools accredited to deliver the Select Entry Acceleration Learning (SEAL) Program.


SEAL entry is based on an exam and an interview at our College.  It is not based on the boundary map. Students sit the test at Brighton Secondary College and are tested in the areas of English, Mathematics and Science.


Year 7 SEAL Entry, 2018 (apply at Grade 6)

The applications for the SEAL 2018 Program are now closed. 


Overview for Year 7 Entry

Due to an overwhelming demand for places in the program for Year 7 we are offering up to 50 places for Year 7 SEAL students in 2018. School Council has approved an additional Year 7 SEAL class in 2018 again (along with the new Year 9 entry class).

Students usually complete years 7-10 in three years, giving them an extended range of options for their final years of schooling. Students may subsequently choose to complete additional VCE units, enabling them to accrue a greater breadth of subjects.

Some students undertake VCE Extension Studies which allows them to complete one or more university subjects as part of their VCE. Some students choose to enter tertiary education after only five years of secondary schooling.

SEAL Year 7 Exam Details

Overview for the Year 10 Entry

Due to the structure of the SEAL program, students entering SEAL after completing Year 8 are fast-tracking and advancing into what is the Year 10 SEAL curriculum.  This does involve the students advancing a year level as a SEAL cohort. 


Read SEAL Year 10 Entry Exam details here.


To read further about the Year 10 SEAL curriculum and advancement please click here.

Please read the important information listed in the Year 10 SEAL Handbook and once you have done so, you can register when applications are open.


The Accelerated Program is designed specifically to cater for the needs of students with above average intellectual skills and creativity in all learning areas. It differs from the mainstream program by providing:

  • a faster paced curriculum which is non-repetitive;
  • the opportunity to work with more abstract, complex and in-depth course material;
  • a learning environment which emphasises working co-operatively with students of similar abilities and interests.

Is advancing a year level difficult?


Ultimately the answer depends on the individual. Year 10 SEAL students spend a majority of their classroom time with other Year 10 SEAL students, so any perceived social issues are quite often non-existent. The academic demands of advancing a year level can cause anxiety for students and all SEAL students are encouraged to openly discuss any academic or social issues with their parents, their Year-level Coordinator, the Welfare Team or the SEAL Program Coordinator.


What are the benefits from advancing a year level?


SEAL students will benefit from the challenge of working at an accelerated level. A number of studies have found significant gains in achievement from acceleration as well as the opportunities to undertake a greater breadth of studies during a student’s VCE years to include Higher Education Studies and VET Studies. Students are also given the opportunity to undertake a 3 year VCE.


Brighton Secondary College is extremely proud of the academic achievements of our SEAL students who consistently perform well during their VCE Program. Over the past years, between 55-75% of each SEAL cohort have attained an ATAR score of 90 and above with several SEAL students having also taken on key leadership roles within the College such as: College Captain, College Vice-Captain, Sports Captain and Social Captain.



SEAL students and parents speak about the program:
“The SEAL program was absolutely integral in any of the successes I had at Brighton. It gave me the chance to be challenged right from day one, have a serious advantage in VCE and have the support and friendship of the enthusiastic, intelligent and welcoming students who form part of the school-wide SEAL cohort. I am so grateful I had the opportunity to be a part of it.” Antonia (School Dux 2013 - ATAR 99.8, received a perfect study score of 50 in English, currently studying Arts/Law at Monash & was College Captain 2013)

“The program provided a safe and supportive environment, where love of learning could develop with like-minded peers.”
Stephanie (SEAL parent)

“The SEAL program was an amazing opportunity and I will always recommend it and encourage people to go to Brighton Secondary College because of it. Thanks!!”
Josie (School Dux 2009, 99.4 ENTER score, went on to study Medicine)


BSC A Capella group 'Minitonic'
Minitonic performed at the Inner South East Partnerships Assembly for the Department of Planning and Development in August. They performed with so much professionalism and poise, and as a result, have been invited by the Mayor to perform at the next Citizenship Ceremony in October.  This is a huge honor and we are very proud of the group and their voice teacher Ms Bradsworth!
Click here to see a video of one of their songs, Isn’t she Lovely, by Stevie Wonder.
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