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Junior School
Schooling at Brighton Secondary College begins with students who are eager to learn, and staff who are passionate about facilitating their quest. We take great care in ensuring that students are challenged and maintain enthusiasm for their learning. We believe that if our students are happy and feel safe, then the desire to learn will happen naturally.
We offer innovative educational pathways that are designed to embrace academic progress, and build resilient, confident young adults, who will enter society equipped with a broad range of skills. Students are given ample opportunities to extend their learning, explore possibilities and build on their strengths as well as their self-esteem.
At Brighton Secondary College, we encourage every student to take advantage of all the extra-curricular opportunities which include participating in a range of sporting events, the drama production, the House Swimming, House Chorals and House Athletics as well as taking part in numerous community projects as part of our extensive Leadership Program where students develop emerging leadership skills.


Ms Lee Angelidis
Assistant Principal - Junior School

Saturday 29 April, 9am
Year 6 students for entry into Year 7 2018
Registration via Edutest
Wednesday 30 August, 12.30pm
Year 8 students for entry into Year 10 2018
Wednesday 30 August, 12.30pm
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