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Enrolment FAQs
Do I speak to the Secondary School about enrolment?
No. The enrolment process is coordinated by your Primary School. Primary Schools appoint a teacher as the Grade 6 Transition Coordinator, and they have the responsibility for liaising with, and providing relevant transition information and forms, to families.
When do we apply?
When the student is in Grade 6. The process commences early in Term 2 each year. After transition information is distributed to Grade 6 families by their child's Primary School, families will then need to make the choice of a suitable Secondary School for their child to attend.
How do we apply?
Step 1.
Please collect and complete an Expression of Interest Form for Year 7 Enrolment (our green form) and return it to the Brighton Secondary College General Office.
Families apply in writing to their Primary School by completing the Year 7 Application for Enrolment form provided in the information package. Families will get the chance to indicate their 2 preferred schools. The completed Application Form should be returned directly to the child's Primary School before the closing date. Towards the end of Term 3, the Primary School will then notify families of the results of their placement requests for their child. The Secondary Schools cannot provide details of placement to families seeking this information.

Can I apply when my child is in Grade 5?
No. Only students currently in Grade 6 may apply for entry into Year 7 - and only via the correct procedure through the Primary School.

How do I know which school my child is entitled to enrol at?
Talk to the Transition Co-ordinator at your Primary School and look on the websites of surrounding schools for their neighbourhood area or zones. To assist with this important decision, schools run Year 7 Information Evening for prospective families during Terms 1 and 2. Times and dates of the different evenings are advertised extensively in the newsletters of many local Primary Schools, and in local newspapers.

Why are some schools zoned?
A number of Secondary Schools within Southern Metropolitan Region are unable to accommodate all students seeking Year 7 enrolment. Brighton Secondary School, McKinnon Secondary School and Mentone Girls' Secondary College all fall into this category and, as such, approval has been given by the Regional Director to restrict their enrolments because of accommodation constraints. The Region has identified and designated a specific neighbourhood area or zone (please see Brighton SC, McKinnon SC or Mentone Girls SC for zone maps) for the schools to adhere to when enrolling students.
Will the zones be altered in future years?
It is impossible to know for certain if and when this may happen. This is a decision made by the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development.
Do I need to fill in a special form if I live out of zone?
Some schools may have special 'Out Of Zone Application Forms'. These will be available from the schools directly.
How does a Secondary School offer places for Year 7?
If there are more applications for Year 7 enrolment than there are places, students will be enrolled in the following order of priority:
  • students for whom the school is the designated neighbourhood school;
  • students with a sibling who has the same permanent residential address, and will be concurrently attending the school;
  • students for whom the school is the nearest one to their permanent residential address;
  • students seeking enrolment on specific curriculum grounds;
  • other students in order of closeness of their home to the school.

We have a child in Grade 3. How can we find out more about the school?
The school's website contains considerable information. Future
prospective parents are welcome to attend annual Year 7 Information Evenings in Term 1.

Can prospective parents request to have an interview with the Principal, Enrolment Officer or Registrar?
No. Individual parent interviews are not part of the normal selection process for Year 7.

If we live out-of-zone, but in the "nearest school" category, will we be likely to gain entry?
It is impossible to tell in advance for a particular year. The trend is for INZONE (1st) and SIBLINGS (2nd) to take up an increasing number of positions. Usually there are still some positions for the NEAREST SCHOOL (3rd) category but not all of this group will gain entry.

I have a business within the zone. Does that mean my child will gain entrance to the school?
No. A student must be a resident living in zone.

Is a lease (rental agreement) adequate for an in-zone or nearest applicant?
Yes and the lease must be current. Documentary proof of residence is required, and applicants may be personally visited without warning to verify habitation claims.

My child lives with me outside of the zone, but my ex-partner lives within zone boundaries. Can we be offered a place?
A student must reside with the in-zone custodial parent. Split families may be asked to provide court documents to prove the residential address of the student. Applicants may be personally visited without warning to verify habitation claims.

We live in-zone with a family member, so we do not have a lease agreement and the bills are not in my name. Can we be offered a place?
Documentary proof of residence is required e.g. a statutory declaration and change of drivers license. Applicants must provide documentation to the satisfaction of the Secondary School, and may be personally visited without warning to verify habitation claims.

I live just one street outside the zone. Is that close enough to qualify as "in-zone"?

Are there any other options for enrolment if I live out of the zone?
The Select Entry Accelerated Learning (SEAL) and the English, Literature & Humanities Enhanced Studies (ELHES) programs are available to out of zone students, who are capable of working at a faster pace than their peers. Enquiries about SEAL and ELHES programs should be made the year before your child's Year 7 placement. Entrance exams are usually held in May of the previous year, and it does not matter where the student resides.

If I do not get our preferred school in first round offers, is that then it?
Places at Secondary Schools can become available up until the first day of Year 7. Students who originally accept places may decide to go elsewhere, or the family may move out of the area. If you have not been offered a place at your preferred school, please keep in touch with them so they know you are still interested - especially if a place becomes available at the last minute.

If I do not get either of our preferred schools, what happens then?
Families who choose non-neighbourhood schools for both of their Application for Enrolment preferences should understand that if these options are not successful their child will be placed into their local neighbourhood school. This will be done automatically by the Primary School without consultation with the family.

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