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ELHES Program

The English, Literature & Humanities Enhanced Studies program is a select entry program designed to encourage students with strong literacy skills to pursue excellence in these fields. Students will find themselves absorbed in an environment that fosters and inspires a love of literature, of learning and a high proficiency of writing.


Literary Development

Students will be exposed to a broad range of literary texts that will extend their reading beyond teenage fiction into modern and classical literature. They will engage with other like-minded students to build a repertoire of literary experiences, and develop their analytical and creative writing skills to enhance their future studies of English, Literature and the Humanities.


Creative Electives

Students will have the unique opportunity of undertaking creative electives specifically tailored to increase their access to learning of the creative arts and academic fields to enhance their creative, analytical and academic aspirations. They will also have the opportunity to attend sessions at the Melbourne Writer’s Festival, craft responses for various writing competitions and showcase their work in Brighton Secondary College’s Highlights newsletter and website.


This program will appeal to, and cater for, students who have a love of literature and creative and analytical sensibilities. They love to write and have vivid imaginations. They like reading challenging texts and seem mature beyond their years in the insights they demonstrate.


Providing students meet the requirements of the program, they may have the opportunity to accelerate into a partial VCE program from Year 10 in the areas of Literature, History and Global Politics.



The ELHES  program is only available to in-zone students. Therefore once you have accepted a place in our College, you will be given the option of applying for the ELHES Program. Students who wish to apply must sit an exam. Students are then shortlisted for an interview based on their exam results. Successful applicants are then offered a place.




Wednesday 30 August, 12.30pm
Year 8 students for entry into Year 10 2018
Wednesday 30 August, 12.30pm
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