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Brighton Secondary College houses 1200 students. The College’s history dates back to 1955 and since then we have come a long way. 

Facilities include:

  • Comfortable classrooms
  • Year 9 Discovery Centre
  • VCE Centre
  • General Office, Junior School and Senior School offices
  • New Science, Arts and Technology Wing  - da Vinci Centre, completed in 2013
  • Large enclosed multipurpose gymnasium
  • Outdoor gymnasium
  • Hockey fields
  • Grass ovals
  • Performing Arts Centre - music, drama
  • Art studios - woodwork, painting, clay work, textiles
  • College stainless steel kitchen - Food Technology work area
  • College Canteen
  • Brennan Library
  • Japanese Gardens
  • Outdoor Amphitheatre


We are very pleased to announce we have received a further $8 million for the redevelopment of our North Wing.  This new developmental, split over two levels will house our future Year 7 & 8 students and administrative offices in a state-of-the-art  building designed to embrace the future learning requirements of this new generation of students. Development is due to commence mid 2017, with completion estimated for mid 2018. 

We are very proud of our da Vinci Centre which opened in early 2014.  This Science, Arts and Technology wing at Brighton Secondary College incorporates modern learning spaces, laboratories and classrooms.

Students from Year’s 7-9 form part of the Junior School.  To assist with any queries, students have access to Support Staff and the Junior School Principal team at the Junior School Office.  Students in Years 7 and 8 work in comfortable classrooms and today, in this modern technology age, are exposed to e-learning where they make use of their laptops as part of their day to day curriculum.

In Year 9 students move into the modern Discovery Centre where traditional classroom teaching evolves to a more interactive style of engaged learning.  This helps students to become independent thinkers and assists them in building the study skills necessary for a smooth transition to Vocational and VCE studies. The Discovery Centre is complete with a Science Laboratory and large open learning areas.

Brighton Secondary College's new VCE Centre is a haven for Students studying subject in Units 1 - 4.  Complete with up-to-the-minute classrooms, study areas and student retreat areas this building was officially opened in 2009 and enhanced in 2013. The Senior School Office, Careers Office, and IT Support Office are also located here for students to get assistance and guidance where necessary.

Our Brennan Library is open before school, at recess and at lunchtime for students to read, study or work online.  It is a great space to unwind, or get some assistance with their coursework.  There are a variety of activities held in the Library to celebrate occasions such as Book Week, International Women’s Day, Cultural activities and we are fortunate to have guest speakers often visit our students.

The Performing Arts Centre has recently been updated, allowing more natural light into this area. The area is made up of Music, Piano and Instrumental Lesson rooms, a Drama area and leads also to our Hall.  The Brighton Secondary College Hall showcases all the past and present College Leaders and is a place that transposes to a function room for the purpose of School Productions, Presentation Nights, student-run social events such as the Sustain-a-ball and also College Fundraisers.

Behind the Performing Arts area you will find the College Gymnasium. This is a large multipurpose facility where netball, soccer, table tennis, volleyball, basketball and sporting activities take place every day. College Assemblies are also held in the Gymnasium on a regular basis.

Students can learn more about the Arts at Brighton Secondary College - classes offered include painting, clay work, woodwork, textiles and more. The variety of displays in our Art studios and workshops are inspiring to view.

Food Technology and learning about healthy eating is a popular subject where students have the opportunity to create mouth-watering masterpieces in our College stainless steel Kitchen. The facilities allow for students to work on dishes from appetisers to desserts and learn about a variety of multi-cultural cooking techniques.  It's always a pleasure to see the culinary creations in the BSC Kitchen.

Our College Canteen promotes the attitude of healthy eating and wellbeing, with fruit, vegetables and a variety of hot and cold dishes being available to purchase fresh on a daily basis.  Students also have access to Microwaves to warm up food brought with them from home, and there are plenty of spacious outdoor and undercover areas for students to enjoy their lunch together and socialise in scheduled break times.  Students use their Student ID cards (linked to an online Flexischools account) to purchase their lunch at the Canteen.  Food can be pre ordered to save time from the day prior.  For more details on Flexischools and setting up an account, please see the document in the left column of this webpage.

During Study periods or at break times during the day students can enjoy time outdoors in the beautiful and tranquil Japanese gardens.

Students also often participate in Music events and conduct concerts during their lunchtime breaks at the College Amphitheatre.  The Amphitheatre is a popular place for students to eat, socialise and hold fundraising activities. 

Social games of Australian Rules Football, Soccer, and Hockey can be enjoyed on the College ovals and Hockey fields.  Student versus Teacher games attract large crowds at lunchtime and there is a very positive vibe in the air as students and staff alike promote the benefits of keeping active.

BSC A Capella group 'Minitonic'
Minitonic performed at the Inner South East Partnerships Assembly for the Department of Planning and Development in August. They performed with so much professionalism and poise, and as a result, have been invited by the Mayor to perform at the next Citizenship Ceremony in October.  This is a huge honor and we are very proud of the group and their voice teacher Ms Bradsworth!
Click here to see a video of one of their songs, Isn’t she Lovely, by Stevie Wonder.
View our online tour to gain an insight into our College and the facilities.