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College Captain's Vision 2017
As College Captain's for 2017, we are incredibly proud to be part of a progressive and innovative school that celebrates diversity and strives to create a culture of collaboration and respect, in order for every individual to achieve personal excellence.
Our ultimate goal is to achieve a culture of unity within the school, having shared values and behaviours to create a sense of harmony and camaraderie.
As College Captains, we have chosen two words: integrity and gratitude, as two values that are important to us.  We want students to be appreciative of the wonderful opportunities we have access to, and be thankful for our superb education.
College Captains
Mia Vissenjoux, Danii San Jose, Sean Bourke and Alana Stewart
Students in Year 10 and 11 are invited to register their interest to participate in the Science in Europe Tour. Plans are underway with regards to a trip for 20 students to attend a 14 day tour to Europe, exploring various scientific aspects in workshops in different countries. The dates are yet to be finalised, however, we are hopeful of a departure close to Friday 14th September 2018. See the 'Study in Europe' brochure attached which outlines the aims of the tour, draft itinerary, approximate costs involved, payment plan details and Expression of Interest form. Please complete the Expression of Interest form attached (page 11 of the brochure), and return it by Wednesday 31st May 2017 to the Junior School office. There will be a selection process involved. Ms Lee Angelidis, Study Tour Organiser
Winners of the Kingston Swimming Carnival
Brighton Secondary College students achieved outstanding results at the 2017 SMR Kingston Swimming Carnival.  Our students’ competitive spirit was exceptional, breaking multiple records and winning pennants for:

• Junior Girls
• Intermediate Girls
• Senior Boys
• Aggregate Girls
• Aggregate Boys
Our new year begins...
Welcome back to Brighton Secondary College for 2017 to all members of our College community, and a special welcome to all new families who have joined us this year.
2017 College Captains

As Year 12 is reaching its conclusion we offer our thanks to the 2016 School Captains for their leadership and hard work throughout the year and welcome our new College Captains for 2017, Daniella San Jose, Sean Bourke, Alana Stewart and Mia Vissenjoux, and our International Captain Vladimir Wei.

Market Day
At the end of Term 3, the Year 8 SEAL classes ran a highly successful Market Day, raising nearly two thousand dollars for a variety of charities. The students had spent nearly two months planning, selecting charities, ethically sourcing their ingredients, taking out micro-loans with the NAB, developing promotional materials and logistically preparing for the day.
I would like to congratulate the Year 8 SEAL classes for their efforts and to thank the staff and students who came by to pick up a bargain on the day.
Tokoname High School Visit
At the end of July Brighton Secondary College welcomed students from our sister school in Japan, Tokoname High School. Staff and students spent valuable time getting to know and understand our education system as well as experiencing some of the wonderful highlights of Melbourne, including a trip to Melbourne zoo.
Special thanks to the host families who extended their homes to our visitors, it was a rewarding experience for all to learn the difference in cultures and to build new friendships.
Congratulations to Minh Thao (Sue) Duong from Brighton Secondary College Year 12, 2015, who personified student excellence and received three major Victorian International School Student Awards at Government House on Monday 16th May.
The awards recognise Sue's success in Arts Achievement, Student Leadership and Commend her in Global Citizenship.  We are very proud of Sue's efforts that demonstrate the benefits of studying at an excellent government school in Melbourne.
A new school year....
Welcome back to school for 2015 to all members of our College community, and a special welcome to all new families to the College this year. I hope that your time here is rewarding and happy.
In the last weeks of Term 4 2014 our new school leaders for 2015 were announced.  I congratulate College Captains Sam Toll, Natasha Sly-Clavisi, Kiera Crawford and Tim Stewart along with International Captain Minh Thao Nhu (Sue) Duong on their appointments and wish them well for the year ahead. They will lead a large leadership team from within the school and all leaders will be announced soon.
Year 12 Results and Destinations
We are very proud of our Year 12, Class of 2014 group!  Their results were excellent and we wish them all the best for their future courses and career paths. 
Class of 2014
109 students were offered local university places as well as 31 International Students being offered University places in their own countries. 31 students were offered TAFE or accredited courses at other colleges. 
The courses range in variety from Agriculture, Environmental & Related Studies, Architecture & Building, Creative Arts, Education, Engineering & Related Technologies, Food, Hospitality & Personal Services, Health, Information Technology, Management & Commerce, Natural & Physical Sciences, Arts, Society & Culture.
Welcome to Term 3

“What keeps outstanding teachers going and doing a good job? It’s the same thing that got them into the profession in the first place. Although many organisations and politicians claim to put the kids first, in reality teachers are the ones who do this. They are the ones who stand up every day in front of young people trying to inspire them and open doors that were previously closed…We teachers are the key to staff morale. Because educators are rarely given their due, we need to appreciate one another.”
Rafe Esquith

Term Four
Term Four is a busy term with exams and final assessments and we hope all students have had a restful and rejuvenating break, while making the most of this time to catch up on reading and review any work over the two week period.
Our Outstanding Year 12 Results
  • 163 students successfully completed their VCE
  • 31% of our students attained an ATAR of 80 or higher, placing them significantly above the average across the state of 20%
  • 16% students attained an ATAR of 90 or better
  • There were 69 study scores of 40 or better
  • 3 of our International student cohort attained an ATAR of 90 or higher
  • 8 international students achieved an ATAR of 80 or higher

Term 3 Holidays
The College will be closed from 19 September until 4 October for the school holiday period.
We wish all students a restful break and look forward to seeing you on Monday 5th October for Term 4.  The office will open, as per usual business hours, from 8am until 4.30pm.
Welcome to 2015!
Happy New Year!
I look forward to welcoming our new Yr 7, 10, 11, 12 students on Thursday 29th January 2015. 
On Friday 30th January 2015 we also welcome our Year 8 and 9 students.
I hope everyone has had a restful break and is ready for a successful year ahead.  School starts at 8.55am and we expect students to arrive with plenty of time to be ready for class.
Wishing you all the best for Term One.
Principal's News
On Monday we held Presentation Night at which we celebrated the achievements of the students across the school in a wide variety of endeavours.  We also celebrated the VCE results with our Year 12’s. We are always proud of all our students, as long as they have done their absolute best.  While we celebrate the high academic achievement or many of our students, we acknowledge the very hard work of all our students. 
VCE results for 2014 are as follows:
• 174 students successfully completed their VCE
• 32% (55) of our students attained a score of 80 or higher (8 of these were Y11 SEAL students), placing them significantly above the average across the state of 20%
• 27 (16%) students attained a score of 90 or better, sixteen of these were part of our SEAL cohort, with four of this group were Y11SEAL students.
• In reality 12 of the 24 students from the SEAL class of 2009, achieved 90 or above. Three left for tertiary at the end of 2013 from their fifth year in secondary school.
• There were 73 study scores of 40 or better, with one of our teachers having 11 students in his class who received study scores of 40+
• 4 of our International student cohort attained scores of 90 or better, with 1 of those attaining 95 or better....which is a stunning achievement given that English is not their first language.
• 8 international students achieved 80+
• 1 student obtained a perfect score.
• Anthony Fong was named Dux of the college with a score of 99.1
• Abigail Morgan, Year 10, 2014, was awarded the prestigious Kwong Lee Dow, Scholars Award
• Most important of all…100% of our students grew as individuals, matured, encountered experiences, acquired new knowledge and skills, and built healthy relationships with each other and their teachers.  As far as I am concerned this final point is the most important of all at our school.
Finally, I wish you all the compliments of the season.  The students need to have a break from study, but all of them, as I understand it have holiday homework to do.  Can parents please assist our children to properly balance out the work and rest.
All the very best for a safe holiday season and we look forward to a wonderful new year.
Principal's News
Presentation Night
Monday 15th December is one of the most important nights in the school calendar.  All students are expected to attend, with the immediate and wider family encouraged to join us.  We commence at 7.00pm sharp in our own Performing Arts Centre, at 120 Marriage Road Brighton. This is the night where we have the opportunity to celebrate a wide variety of student achievements in every field of endeavour.  Students are reminded of the need to attend in full and correct summer uniform.  Due to rising costs we have been forced back to our own school hall, I trust you will bear with us if it is a little tight fitting. I look forward to seeing you on this very important evening.
Voyager Magazine
The 2014 Voyager Magazine will be distributed to students in period 6 on the last day of the commencement program (Dec 12th).  Current Year 12 students will be able to collect their copy from the senior school office anytime from 10th December.
World Challenge
Mr Rob Ivory and Ms Martine Ayoub departed last month for Africa with 34 students on the 2014 World Challenge, which went as two distinct groups.  It is with a great deal of pride that we farewell these teams who have worked so incredibly hard for the past 18 months preparing and saving for The Challenge to Zambia and Botswana. They will return 19th & 20th December.
Examinations and Commencement Program
Last week examinations for Years 10-12 were completed.  The students seem to have coped very well and generally reported that they felt well prepared.  We certainly believe that the extra two weeks we gained with the Commencement Program was a huge benefit to all students, but most especially the Year 12’s. 
Commencement Program began on 1st December with all students 7-11 being promoted to their next year level to commence their 2015 program. Please be advised that this is a compulsory program, with none of the work being repeated in the new year.  The Commencement Program runs until Friday 12th December 2014.

Principal's News
For CURRENT 2014 Year 7 Students wishing to sell their Uniform or Books
Please print a naming slip (found here).  Fill in your details neatly and attach one slip per item you wish to sell.
Please attach carefully with a pin to the inside label of clothing, or carefully with clear sticky tape to the front cover of any books for sale.
Send these items to school with your student on MONDAY 24th NOVEMBER. Students have been allocated time in Periods 1 and 2 to hand these in to the Uniform Shop (in N15 on Monday).
For a list of Books that can be sold and bought second-hand click here.
Booksale for Year 7 Students starting in 2015
New Year 7 families are invited to an Orientation Evening on Wednesday 26th November at the College.  The presentation begins at 6.30pm. Parents are invited prior to this, to visit the Second-hand Uniform and Book Shop from 4 - 6pm.  Enter via the Performing Arts Centre. Some new items are also available such as tights, scarves, caps and hats, school bags, gloves and ties. CASH ONLY.

Bob Stewart Uniform Supplier will also have a mini-store set up downstairs in the Performing Arts Centre area for those wishing to look at and buy new uniforms.
Subject Payments for 2015
The General Office will be open from 6-7.30pm for subject payments only. Payment Options for Subjects only - Visa, Mastercard, Eftpos, cash or cheque. 
Second-hand Uniform and Book Swap Meet
Please note the PFA are no longer accepting any more books or uniforms for Sale in our shop from Year 8 - 12 students. Instead we are offering a whole school “Uniform and Book Swap Meet” where you can attend to sell and swap books and uniforms with other parents.  For Current Year 7 students please see the above Notice.
Swap Meet
When: Saturday 29 November 2014
Where: Year 8 Centre enter at the Performing Arts Centre Entrance
Time: 9 - 11.30am
Entry Fee: $10 (buying and/or selling) Cash only
For more details click here
Principal's News
2015 Subject Charges and Fees
In the next few weeks, re-enrolment packs will be sent home with students.  In 2015 we are providing parents with the option of payment in full or payment through set instalments. You will be able to select your preferred option on the subject charges re-enrolment sheets that will be sent home at the end of October- early November.
Families will receive an individual statement showing the amount owing for each student. Any outstanding credits for sale of second-hand goods and uniforms will be applied at this time, to reduce the 2015 charges.
EMA Changes
As we advised last year, there are significant changes to EMA for 2015. A letter from the President of School Council was sent out to all parents through Compass last week explaining the changes.  If you require a copy of this letter, please refer to your Compass portal. Please feel free to contact the College Registrar, Mrs Jodie Geri to discuss your individual circumstances.
Netbook Changes
There has been a significant change in the netbook program for 2015, with funding withdrawn by the government for the one-to-one program we embraced and implemented at the College. We are in the process of finalising a new program, and will be providing full information as soon as possible.
The changes may affect those students who will be in Year 10 (not Year 10 SEAL) and 12 in 2015; if students and parents opt into the program to purchase or lease a new netbook.
Music Program
Emails have been sent to families with students currently enrolled in the Instrumental Music Program. Re-enrolment forms are due back at the General Office by 31st October 2014.  If you are interested in your child learning an instrument in 2015 please click here for a new enrolment form and click here for the re-enrolment.
Split Family Billing
We are able to cater for split family billing. We require the consent of both families to make a change to the billing structure. If your family circumstances have changed and you would like to split the subject charges and any applicable camps, please click here for a Split Billing Authorisation Form.
Principal's News
Lions Club of Brighton - Kind Donation
We would like to thank the Lions Club of Brighton for their generous donation to our College. We appreciate the hard work of volunteers who give up their time at Bunnings Sausage sizzles often of a weekend, in order to be able to assist our students.
Happy Holidays
I would like to wish all of our students, staff and families a safe and enjoyable break and I look forward to seeing you next term.
Julie Podbury, Principal

Commencement Program
Please note: Brighton Secondary College will commence next year’s curriculum at the end of THIS year. Teachers will begin teaching the 2015 coursework on Monday 1st  December and conclude on Friday 12th December. The program will assist teachers and students meet the increasing demands of VCE and of AusVELS. The program involves students being allocated to their new subjects and a new timetable will be introduced. All students currently in Years 7 to 11 will be expected to attend.  Parents are asked to assist by not allowing their children to start vacation employment or going on holidays until after 12th December.
Pat Gargano, Assistant Principal
Principal's News
The New North Wing
Work has begun on the design ideas for the new North wing, with lots of good ideas still flowing in from the BSC community.  Parents should be aware that while demolition begins next year, the college operation will present some challenges.  However the short term pain will be a long term gain for all students now and into the future.  We will make the students as comfortable as possible in whatever temporary quarters we take up.  $8 million sounds like such a lot of money, however once planning started it became very clear just how careful we must be to get maximum value for our dollar.  Whatever the outcome, I am confident that my staff and students most assuredly deserve the vastly improved facilities that will eventuate.
TAPAS conferences – 18 September
Teacher And Parent And Student conferences for students in Years 7 to 11 will be held on Thursday 18 September. There will be no timetabled classes on that day therefore as students are expected to be in attendance at these meetings with their parents and teachers. Bookings will open online from 8 September, and an announcement will be made on Compass nearer to the time, so please keep an eye out for this. All appointments with teachers need to be booked online - please let us know if you are having any difficulty logging on.
Principal's News
State Budget
Having just opened our new da Vinci centre, it is still rather hard to believe that we are about to move into the design and build of a new $8million north wing facility, which was confirmed in the State Budget.  Staff have all been consulted and students have been asked to add their thoughts.  I am aware that many students have emailed ideas.  Thank you one and all.  I will keep you posted as we move into the design process.
Congratulations to the Year 7 Boys Baseball team who have earned themselves the title of SMR Champions after going through their recent competition undefeated! Well done to the team.
The boys will now go on to compete in the State Finals in November. Great Effort!
School Athletics
Our Annual House Athletics was very well attended and best of all we had a very high participation rate of students, making the day very engaging indeed. Congratulations to all concerned, and a very special congratulations to Phillip house for their stunning success over the other houses. Thank you to the PFA parent helpers who ran the canteen and sausage sizzle on that day, raising funds for our College!
Principal's News
Opening of the da Vinci Centre at BSC
This new Facility was opened by Minister for Education, Martin Dixon on the 18th March, in the presence of the Member for Bentleigh, Elizabeth Miller, the Member for Brighton, Louise Asher and the Mayor for Bayside Cr Laurence Evans.
For more details, please see the Bayside Leader news article and pictures of this event here.
House Chorals - a successful evening
The House Chorals was held on 19th March 2014, at Brighton Secondary College in our Performing Arts Centre.  Well done to all Chorals Choir Participants, our wonderful soloists, and our Staff Choir. Congratulations to Phillip house for taking the trophy for best Choir.
Principal's News 31 January 2014

Welcome back to school for 2014 to all members of our College community, and a special welcome to all new families to the College this year. I hope that your time here is rewarding and happy.

In the last weeks of Term 4 2013 our new school leaders for 2014 were announced. I congratulate College Captains Meg Shaw and Brady Arlt and Vice Captains Chelsea Doyle and Joel Fowler along with International Captain John Wang on their appointments and wish them well for the year ahead. They will lead a large leadership team from within the school.

Building works - the new East Wing is now complete!
We are so thrilled to have this delightful teaching and learning space, and are expecting to see on-flowing improvements in student outcomes as a result of these first-class facilities. The official opening of the new building will take place in March.

Brighton Secondary College purchases Accident Injury Insurance for all our students.
This is covered in the College Contributions. It offers 24 hour per day, 7 days per week protection for all the students in our school, anywhere in the world, and covers all common incidents, from broken teeth to broken bones and much more. Cover commences 1st January 2014 until 31st December 2014. We have purchased the Standard benefit. Peace of mind for both the school & parents.

Happy New Year

Welcome back everyone!

I wish you all the best for this upcoming year. May it be filled with success, and many excellent achievements in the academic, sporting and extra curricular fields. I wish you all, above all else, good health and happiness for this year and the future.

A reminder that all Year 7, 10, 11, and 12 students begin Term One on 29 January 2014. All Year 8 and 9 students begin on Thursday 30 January 2014.

I look forward to meeting our new students and welcoming back past students and staff for 2014.

Julie Podbury

Principal's Message 28 November
Presentation Night
On Monday 16 December at 7.30pm we look forward to our Annual Presentation Night – a celebration of excellence and the achievements of students from Brighton Secondary College. 
Our Presentation Night is held at Kingston City Hall (formerly Moorabbin Town Hall) located at 979-985 Nepean Hwy, Moorabbin. 
Please arrive with ample time to find suitable parking and be seated for a 7.30pm start.  We look forward to awarding the students of 2013 on their merits and seeing the wider Brighton Secondary College community then.
Hockey and Softball Champions
A big congratulation goes to the Year 8 Hockey team AND the Year 8 Softball teams for becoming State Champions!  Well done to the girls on their success and also to their coach Ms Gibson for putting in so much time and practice – it paid off and you deserve this wonderful achievement.
BSC Art Exhibition - ON NOW!  22 November until 19 December
Showcasing the creative excellence of our Year 12 Arts & Technology students.
At Brighton Town Hall - Corner Carpenter & Wilson Streets
The official opening will be held on December 13, at 5pm, with a presentation and prize draw.  Door Prizes include Palace Cinema tickets and ITunes Voucher.

Garage Sale Trail
Well done to the student team who worked to organise the Garage Sale Trail at BSC recently.  The $780.90 raised has been used to buy sensory toys and items for the children at the Monash Children’s ‘Early In Life’ Mental Health Program.  A great effort by all involved.
Principal's Message - 7 November 2013

I celebrated the graduation of my 18th group of VCE students recently.  It was a fabulous night.  Well done to the staff in organising this evening and to the students for reaching this wonderful milestone in their lives.

I wish all the students well in their VCE examinations and include for you all here an excerpt from my speech at the Valedictory Dinner…

While we celebrate the end of something important tonight, we must also turn our thoughts to the role you will play in the future. Our swiftly changing planet is our home and it is clear to me that unless we all do something and make some changes to our habits and activities we face an uncertain future.  Some of us say what can one person do?  Others say let us leave it to the youth of the world. Some believe there is nothing that one person can do…. But there is much each of you can do and I offer you seven challenges and questions for the future...

Challenge one:  200 years ago the average life expectancy was around 28 years.  Now most of you can expect to live to be over 80.  What are the implications for this on the economy and the planet?

Challenge two: Technology will continue to be the most profound change agent producing social, economic and political revolutions.  We have never had more communication tools at our disposal, but why are so many more people feeling less connected to others than has been the case in the past?

Challenge three:  Automation of tasks taking jobs away.  For example supermarkets have checkouts that do not require anyone at the register. How will we maintain our economy and will there be a job for everyone?

Challenge four: We are potentially at the down of a golden age, but still our world is cruel and violent, too often for children.  How can we meet the challenge of the vastly differing level of resources in the first and third worlds, which some say is the source of most of the world’s conflict?

Challenge five: We are already in a world of virtual education…we now have the potential to produce people who know a lot and have yet to learn tolerance and good relationships.  How can good judgment, wisdom, respect for others and love be learnt from the internet?

Challenge six:  Societies Priorities:  Are sports stars and entertainers the gods of our world today: as the people we pay the most?   I think we made a big mistake when we divided vocational and academic learning…we are playing catch up now and need to re-evaluate our attitudes to all occupations and roles in society.

Challenge seven: We need to have a learning society in which self-development and life-long learning are core values.  Our future leaders will need to be communicators, team players, adaptable, critical thinkers, motivators, with personal conviction, energy and self-confidence.  Above all this we need optimism. Thinking about the future can be a fascinating exercise…but it is vital we do not just let the future happen.  We want you to make the future the one you want.

What lies ahead of you is a path full of these challenges and more, and there is no easy answers or accepted strategies to address those challenges.  For the future that has been opened to you, by this school, I express my most sincere support and encouragement for your place in that place.  May your contribution to the wider community prove just as worthy as the BSC students that have gone before you and served us all so well.”

Julie Podbury

Principal's Message - 25 October

This week has been a big week for our Year 12 students as they farewell their classes and teachers, and embark on their VCE exams. I have taken an excerpt from the speech I made at yesterday's final whole school assembly where the Year 12s said farewell to the College.

“I cross the bridge and leave behind the world I know so well
A place without surprises
With stories I can tell
Across the bridge
What lies there?
If only that I knew
A land of possibilities
Where all my dreams come true?
Every bridge I cross in life
Will take me to new ground
Old things will be left behind
But new ones will be found.

For our current Year 12’s, today is the end of their time at our school. It is not only an end; it is also the beginning of something new. Try to remember that, as you face the next big set of
challenges in your life, you are not alone. We will be thinking of you. There are good things waiting for you just around the corner. So we encourage you to step out will confidence and take all new opportunities and challenges in your stride, because we are absolutely confident that you can meet them head on.
Most of this group of students we see before us today started at  his school in year 7 in 2008. They have transformed over that time from little and shy cuties into mature adults who can think; think about others and are careful and considerate. Well done, Year 12. I heartily applaud you.

As you leave I ask but three things of you… just as I always asked of you at school. Firstly, make the most of every opportunity that comes your way, secondly do your very best in everything you tackle and lastly treat everyone you deal with in any capacity with the respect that you yourself would expect.

On behalf of our entire college community I wish each and every one of you health, happiness and every success in your up-coming examinations and the role you will play in our world in the future.”

Julie Podbury

Principal's Message - 10 October
We start the term with the very unhappy news about Ms Graham, our Year 12 Coordinator, being hit by a car last Friday. She remains in hospital and is very unwell with many broken bones, but typically is more worried about her Y12 students who are so close to examinations, than her own health. We are making sure that messages of goodwill get through to Ms Graham and are making sure we are caring for the students in the approach to the Y12 examinations. Ms Graham's senior classes are being assisted by Ms May. Mrs Vlahandreas and Mr Noonan are assisting the students in the coordinator role. Mrs Sentry, Mr Minack, Mr Gargano, Mr Mangold, Mr Frawley and myself are also doing what we can to assist the students. We all wish her well for a speedy recovery.
A reminder of the importance of balance at Exam period
Our Year 12 students, and some of the Year 11’s undertaking Year 12 subjects, are in their final run up to the end of year examinations and I note the stress levels rising. 
I ask parents of senior students to support them as much as you can in the following ways. 
Please ensure they get adequate sleep; the brain does not function at capacity when sleep deprived.  This may mean that electronic devices, including phones are secured away from the bedroom, as the distraction is often too tempting. 
Proper nutrition is also a watch point.  As previously discussed a proper balanced diet is needed to maximise mental capacity and therefore student outcomes.  A good breakfast on the morning of an examination is critical. 
Lastly, the importance of balance:  Students need to exercise and take breaks.  Students will benefit from a break in routine and regular runs or walks as much as the cramming in preparation for the examinations.
Principal's News
The last two weeks of term are as busy as ever with College Production being the highlight.  A musical written and directed by three Year 12 students was sensational and amply demonstrated the talents of so many students in so many areas.  Titled, 28 Songs Later, this masterpiece was written and directed by Dylan Murphy, Declan Vadasz and Ryan Jewell.  I hope you had the opportunity to see it.
Senior Students and Examinations
Our Year 12 students, and some of the Year 11’s undertaking Year 12 subjects, are in their final run up to the end of year examinations and I note the stress levels rising. 
I ask parents of senior students to support them as much as you can in the following ways. 
Please ensure they get adequate sleep; the brain does not function at capacity when sleep deprived.  This may mean that electronic devices, including phones are secured away from the bedroom, as the distraction is often too tempting. 
Proper nutrition is also a watch point.  As previously discussed a proper balanced diet is needed to maximise mental capacity and therefore student outcomes.  A good breakfast on the morning of an examination is critical. 
Lastly, the importance of balance:  Students need to exercise and take breaks.  In the up-coming term break, students will benefit from a break in routine and regular runs or walks as much as the cramming in preparation for the examinations.
Principal's News - Spring is here and there is plenty to celebrate at BSC!
Another busy fortnight has passed as we rush headlong into the end of term three. So much has happened in the school in the last few weeks that needs to be reported upon:
The College Production is on Tuesday 10th-Thursday 12th September.
This is a musical written and directed by three Year 12 students, and I am told it is stunning. Titled, 28 Songs Later, this masterpiece is written and directed by Dylan Murphy, Declan Vadasz and Ryan Jewell. Word is out that this is a sensational production and tickets will sell out fast.
Buy tickets now on Flexischools (click here).
The Election Day is fast approaching: Swing by the school to vote on Election Day and buy a cake from the Parents & Friends Association who are holding a good old fashioned cake stall.
Y10 Canberra Camp has excellent feedback from Mr Ward, the Y10 Coordinator. We also had exceptional reports from employers on our students who completed Year 10 Work Experience recently.
The Y9 Camp was also an amazing experience for all concerned. It was the first time we have ever tried to take the full year level away at once and the reports coming back from the Camp have been full of praise for the students, their outstanding behaviour and the positive relationships they have with their teachers.
The Languages Department has been very busy under the leadership of Madame Jay managing the four French students who have been with us for the last month, along with the five students from Iwate, the area devastated by the Japan Tsunami in 2011.
The Night of the Notables was held in the new building on level 2, which proved to be a brilliant setting to showcase all the hard work done by the Year 7’s. The new building is utterly stunning and I trust will inspire the students on to greater heights. We occupy it for classes from 2nd September. Work now continues with the renovation of the old science block into Arts and Technology.
Principal's Message - 20 August 2013
I wrote recently about all the work going on with Tertiary Course  selection and careers planning, and how we are preparing our students for a changing world. The students at our school are constantly being called upon to make decisions that will affect their future, every one of which might change the course of their lives. For example a student who spends a Work Experience placement in a Vet may then decide to pursue Vet Science as a career. A student who decides to join as a  volunteer in one of the Community projects on offer at the school, can see a place for themselves in the administration of a Retirement Home
caring for the elderly. A student nominates for a leadership position and is appointed. Because of this they are exposed to new situations which they were previously unaware of. They realise how much they like helping other students and next thing are thinking about a career in Social Work.
I am reminded of this quotation by Eleanor Roosevelt…
"I am who I am today because of the choices I made yesterday."
So Much Happening
Earlier this month the school was awash with RED in the library as we celebrated Literacy Week. The motto was 'Wear Red and be Well Read".
Last week we celebrated the success of our Music Program at the school with an entire week of lunchtime and evening performances. Nick Carver and his team have done such a great job with the development of the Music Program. The performances by the students were simply breath taking. We also celebrated Science Week as the science staff work extremely hard to make sure the new science rooms are operating perfectly. Thank you to Linette Mydlarz and Dr Andrew Hill in particular for their leadership in this transition.
Support Staff
We also celebrated the work of our tireless Support Staff last week. Few parents will come into contact with many of the Support Staff, but let me assure you that without them we would not function. They work tirelessly for the staff and the students and this is an opportunity to thank them for their hard work.
I applaud them all!
Principal's News - 1 August 2013
The energy around the school is palpable at the moment as we head into August…
The Professional Learning Day scheduled for next Monday (5th August, a pupil-free day), is the first whole day we have had since January to focus on course development and of course AusVELS.  I expect a great deal to come from this day, which will impact on our preparation of the students for their future lives.
I attended a conference in Washington DC in the school holidays, at which there were 5000 participants - a phenomenal number to contemplate in any one room.  It was however, the very best conference I have ever attended in terms of how it influenced my thinking.  This conference made me really clear about just how important it is to start with the end in mind.  In other words what do we want out of the education we provide our kids?  We want students who can be very successful in the world – the world of work and of tomorrow.  Given the rate at which change is happening, we need to be prepared and adaptable for a tomorrow that we are unsure about.  We need our students to be creative and innovative, decision makers, capable of multi-tasking, be able to set and achieve goals, able to work with others, be highly literate and eLiterate. 
It is our job as a College to do our best to fulfill this list of skills and knowledge.
Welcome back to School for Term Three
I hope you all had a safe and restful break!
I am looking forward to this being a very successful Term Three. I am very happy to see students enjoying our new Science facilities in our new building. Well done to all involved in this upgrade. It is just fabulous to enjoy these first class facilities and watch the inevitable improvement in student outcomes!
We have many exciting things coming up over the next few months including music performance evenings, maths competitions, science week activities, language excursions, debating competitions, inter-school and state sporting contests, as well as our College production in September.
I look forward to sharing more news with you soon.
Julie Podbury,
Principal's News - June 6
Examination preparation and adequate sleep!
As I write to you our students have begun their mid-year examinations. There is a great deal of tension for some students as they approach their first ever examination, under exam conditions. Preparing for exams is important and all the students will be well aware of the material that could be covered in the papers, however the home must play an important role as well. Adequate sleep prior to exams is important, as is a suitable breakfast on the day. The brain needs to be properly fuelled to function at its best.
Premier’s VCE Award
A very exciting announcement was made on 5 June! Sam Mularczyk, Y12, class of 2012, is the recipient of a Premier’s VCE Award in Interactive Digital Media. This award acknowledges Sam’s outstanding individual achievements as one of the very  best   students  in  the  state   in  this  area.   The  award  also  goes  toward acknowledging the role played by his family in supporting him and his teacher, Ms. Hayley Black (on leave 2013).
Julie Podbury
End of Semester Reports
End of Semester Reports for students will not be printed but will be able to be viewed online through Compass at the end of Term 2. To access these reports parents are asked to use the Username and Password that enabled them to access TAPAS conferences and student Progress Reports. If you as a parent haven’t accessed Compass please do so as soon as possible to ensure you can access your child’s report and other important information. If there are queries related to Compass please contact Mr Pat Gargano.
Commencement Program
May I remind parents that the 2013 academic school year will commence on Monday 2 December this year and finish on Friday 13 December. It is compulsory for ALL students to attend. Students will be allocated their 2013 subjects and classes in this period and the new timetable for 2013 will be introduced. Coursework taught during this period will not be repeated next year and homework set over the Christmas period may be based on this work. To help ensure a successful start for your child’s 2013 academic school year it is vital that all students attend school during this period. Student and parent feedback regarding the Commencement Program over the last three years has been very positive thus firmly cementing this program in our college curriculum.
Pat Gargano
Assistant Principal
Renee Spiridis of Y11 competes in Taekwondo at an international level.  Sign this online petition today, to help get more funding behind Taekwondo from the government.
Simply click here - Your signature will make a difference!
Currently they have no funding and pay for all expenses including competitions, entry fees, travelling (flights and accommodation) along with uniforms and guard protectors.  Australian Taekwondo competitors are trying to make it to the 2016 Rio Olympic games and they need your vote please to assist! They are asking for one million dollars from the government to help persue their dreams in sport.
Past student Maddy Buchner's charity is listed on a website  called Sun Super Dreams where people can anonymously vote for a dream.
At the end of this month, the dream with the most votes wins $5000. Little Dreamers really could use your vote! If everyone who votes tells one other person to vote, then 'Little Dreamers' would be very appreciative!
Look for Madeleine's dream here and vote today:
Victoria Bilionis
Manager - Communications, Publicity, Relationships
Principal's Message - 28 May 2013
Open Night
We had a sensational turn out at our Open Night on May 8. There was a fantastic buzz in the air. For me the most impressive thing of all was the attendance by over 200 of our current students, who were present because they love their school and their teachers, and are happy to talk about it to others. Congratulations to Ms Angelidis, Mr Pateman, Mr Haines and all staff and students involved.
Progress Reports
These are now available for all students on Compass.
This allows parents to see if there has been any changes in practices since the start of term TAPAS meetings. Please take the time to read these with your children. It is important to focus on
the Needs Work & Satisfactory categories, as these are the areas for improvement. The End of Semester Reports will be delivered electronically as well, on the last day of term.
Make the Most of Every Opportunity That Comes Your Way
The second expectation that I have of all my students is that they make the most of every opportunity that comes their way. This school provides countless opportunities for our students in every area of endeavour. Let’s look at just a few things that have been prominent of late... 
Sustain-a-ball, the senior student social that has a strong environmental theme is in planning and coming up on June 13; Science Experience for two of our students, supported by the Rotary Club of Brighton North; Brighton’s Got Talent, Grand Final on May 28; Grace Mennan of Y11 is in the State Schools Spectacular; Brighton Students attended the Dawn Service; Y10 students worked at SCOPE; students attended the Graeme Clark Oration delivered by Geoff Lamb and had the chance to speak with Laureate Professor Emeritus Graeme Clark AC himself; Thomas Drew of Y9 was a Guest Speaker at the Brighton Primary assembly for Anzac Day; our Y7 SEAL students participated at the da Vinci Decathlon, and came 3rd in the State; the Environmental Team created an indigenous garden. Phew! So many opportunities to take, and so little time!!!
News - 10 May 2013
Year 7 students are asking for toy donations for the Royal Children’s Hospital please.
The students are collecting BRAND NEW toys & books for ages 2 -12. 
All families are invited to donate and help us put a smile on the kids’ faces.  We will be taking all the gifts directly to the Royal Children’s Hospital and passing them out to the patients there. 

We would really appreciate any donations so let’s do it for the kids!  If you have any questions please email
On Friday 3rd May the College participated in the Annual House Athletics Carnival.  The attendance was fantastic, however, better still was the very high level of participation in the sports by the students.  This meant that there were so many heats in some events that we ended up 45 minutes behind schedule at some point.  There were a huge number of parents present, which was fantastic, and the costumes of the students were very funny.  The el Marashli triplets, now in Y12, took the prize with their power ranger suits.  Phillip House were the eventual winners on the day.  Congratulations to Mr Dobric and all Phillip House members.  I extend a special thank you to Miss Simmons for her brilliant organisation of the day, and to all staff and parents, especially the PFA who assisted on the day running the Canteen.
Brighton's Got Talent
Grand final on Tuesday 28 May, 7.30pm
Performing Arts Centre, Brighton Secondary College
Tickets will be sold at the door. All welcome!
$2 staff and students
$5 for adults
News - April 2013
Congratulations to Luke Fowler on his success in being awarded a scholarship for his engineering course at Monash University.  A ceremony took place on Thursday 14th March, at which he was honoured with this award.  Luke was in Year 12 at our school last year (pictured above in the rotating banner).  Well done Luke!
Please join us for...

You are invited to attend to find out more about Brighton Secondary College's:
•  2014 Select Entry Accelerated Learning (SEAL) Program, including an optional 3 year VCE that leads the way in top VCE results and tertiary placements
 •  Innovative teaching in a soon to be complete (2013) Science, Arts and Technology wing
 •  Excellent 7-12 Mentoring program
 •  Opportunities to participate in World Challenge Program and Language Tours to France or Japan
 •  Academic Scholarships for entry into Year 9 - Applications close 17 May 2013.
Click here to apply or click here for more details.
 •  Vibrant music program
 •  Incorporation of ICT across the curriculum with Netbooks provided to all students.
Year 9, 2014 Information Evening for current Year 8 students - Tuesday 14 May 2013
Discovery Centre, 7.30pm
"THE VOICE" coach and singing sensation Seal favours one of our very own BSC singing stars...
Sarah Martin who studied at BSC from 1996 has just been selected as a contestant, now part of Seal's team in the popular Music Competition program The Voice. To see Sarah's performance on the Blind Auditions click here.  Follow Sarah's success on "The Voice" Channel 9, 7pm.
Please join us for...

You are invited to attend to find out more about Brighton Secondary College's:

•  2014 Select Entry Accelerated Learning (SEAL) Program, including an optional 3 year VCE that leads the way in top VCE results and tertiary placements
 •  Innovative teaching in a soon to be complete (2013) Science, Arts and Technology wing
 •  Excellent 7-12 Mentoring program
 •  Opportunities to participate in World Challenge Program and Language Tours to France or Japan
 •  Academic Scholarships for entry into Year 9 - Applications close 17 May 2013.
Click here to apply or click here for more details.
 •  Vibrant music program
 •  Incorporation of ICT across the curriculum with Netbooks provided to all students.

Environment Leader and BSC SEAL student Mia Vissenjoux, Year 8 joins the desk on Channel 10s The Project.

For more see





Principal's News - 28 March 2013
The 52nd Annual Chorals event which was held last week was absolutely stunning. Each and every performance was fabulous and a true testament to the incredible level of preparation of each choir and each of the conductors and soloists. Congratulations to Lonsdale House on their victory winning the Michele Batour Trophy and to Meghan Shaw, the Golden Hands award as the winning conductor. Christian Rhodes-Wolfe, from Grant House won the soloist award for a heart-stopping rendition of Empty Chairs and Empty Tables from Les Miserable. Christian would give Hugh Jackman a run for his money, so good was his performance.
Julianna Dubinsky won an honourable mention for her performance with Ryan Jewell. Michele Batour and Robyn Humphries were the judges and made all these very difficult decisions, for which we offer our deepest appreciation. I must mention three other highlights for me. The  nternational choir was fantastic, singing the Ship Song, the staff choir was fabulous and the Year 12 choir was sensational.

Lastly, we mention that Grant House were the winners of the $200 prize for having the most members with 49 participants. This is my prize and the money is transferred into your house budget, to be spent any way the house determines.

Teacher and Parent and Student Conferences (TAPAS)
Formerly known as Parent Teacher Interviews, we have changed the name to make sure it is understood it is vital that students attend with the parents as this is part of the educative process, and an important part of the feedback loop. The next “conference” will be on Tuesday 16th April starting at 2pm until 8pm, with a break at 4.30-5.15 for staff to have a light meal. You should have received information about making bookings. No classes will run on this day, but the second-hand uniform shop will be open from 8.30am - 10.30am.

Working Bee
Thank you very much to the few parents who supported us at the Working Bee last Saturday. Your help is truly appreciated as we try to do as much as we can to make things the best they can be for our students. As you know further budget cuts to our school are making things increasingly difficult and your help is always needed and we are very grateful for this. The next Working Bee is in Term 4 on Saturday 26th October, 9-11am. Mark it in your diaries now please.
Last day of term
The students have worked hard all term, so while they may have homework to complete, please ensure they also have a break from studying. I wish you all the best for a well-earned break.
Principal's News
House Chorals Evening – Wednesday 20 March, 7.30pm

One of the most stunning aspects of this school is Chorals.  I remember my first year in this school and I thought it sounded like a very old fashioned idea.  Then I remember the hair standing up on the back of my neck as I listened to my first choir….it was the most incredibly beautiful sight and sound!  I was sold on the idea.
This is a student led event.  During the past few weeks I was regaled by the most stunning sounds coming from choir practice rooms; it was beautiful!  There is great competition amongst the houses to have the largest choir, so students were working hard recruiting as well. Earlier this term, the International Captain, Shodai Yamada called for an International Students choir to be formed and over 50 International students turned up for the try-outs.  Amazing!  The House Head Teachers have worked very hard to encourage the students, and the students really respect this effort on their behalf.  Well done Ms Smallacombe (Lonsdale), Mr Dobric (Phillip), Mr Noonan (Grant) and Ms Schroffel (Murray). 

It was a sensational night at Kingston Municipal Centre -Congratulations to Meg Shaw and the Lonsdale choir on receiving the winning awards!
Working Bee
Saturday 23 March, from 9 - 11am.
All Brighton Secondary College parents and friends are welcome and your assistance would be much appreciated on this occasion. Please meet at the Main Entrance (near the General Office).
Principal's News - 28 February 2013
The Induction Assembly held last week was a great tribute to those students who were awarded their leadership badge.  However, I also salute those who put their hands up for leadership.  I admire and respect all who aim to assist their peers in a leadership role in a school.  We don’t always get the things we strive for, but not to try, because we might not be selected is the wrong approach.  I congratulate all students who were selected for leadership as well as those who entered the race.  Well done to all of you! 
Our 2013 Chorals event promises to be a sensational night, and I urge you to attend and bring your children, even if they are not in a choir.  This year the event is being held on Wednesday 20th March, at Kingston Municipal Centre, Nepean Highway Moorabbin, commencing at 7.30pm sharp.  Tickets are available for sale at  Look forward to seeing you there.
Mentoring Program
By now your children will have discussed this with you, no doubt.  In 2013 we introduced a new way of organising the school.  We did away with the notion of Form Groups to make way for Mentor Groups. I am confident that as the weeks turn into months it will be very clear why this change was necessary and how this will benefit our children.
Brighton Secondary College has introduced a new communication software package. Compass acts as a communication tool between teachers, parents and students.
Over the next couple of weeks parents will receive instructions on how to access the Compass portal.
Principal's Message - 14 February 2013
It has been a busy start to the school year. School photos have been completed, our year 7 and year 12 students got to know  each better at their orientation camps and our annual house swimming carnival was held at MSAC. Well done to all those staff involved in the organisation of these events. Congratulations to Grant House and Mr Noonan for their convincing win at the Swimming Sports.
Council Elections
The College is seeking nominations for three vacancies on the 2013 College Council.  There are three two year positions.  Parents wishing to nominate can collect the appropriate nomination form from the General Office which must be lodged by 4pm on 1st March, 2013.
The results of the election will be announced at the Annual General Meeting of the Council which will be held on 20th March at 7.00pm in the Conference Room. Like all Council meetings, the AGM is an open meeting of the College Council, parents are welcome to attend.
Building Program
Students are now using the refurbished VCE building for their classes. The rooms are very comfortable and modern.  The new Science wing is due for completion at the end of Term 2 and the builders are making excellent progress, reporting the possibility of completion prior to the end of term.  Fingers crossed!
Principal's Message - 1 February 2013
Welcome back to school for 2013 to all members of our College community and a special welcome to all new families to the College this year. I hope that your time here is rewarding and happy.
In the last weeks of Term 4 2012 our new school leaders for 2013 were announced. l congratulate College Captains Antonia Glover and Jack Stewart and Vice Captains Ollie Watts  and  Michelle Melky along with International Captain Shodai Yamada on their appointments and wish them well for the year ahead. They will lead a large leadership team from within the school and all leaders will be announced in later newsletters.
Also at the end of last year our Year 12 students received their VCE results. I am delighted to report that 14% of our VCE students achieved ATAR results of 90 or above and 30% of the cohort received ATAR results of 80 or above. College Dux Jiemi Lin scored 99.65.  The College recorded 68 study scores of 40+ and a perfect study score of 50 was achieved by two students in two subject areas.  We were very proud of the outcomes achieved by our Year 12’s.
Building and Grounds Report

The School has been a busy place over the holidays when the following works were completed: The gym floor has been resurfaced; A number of classrooms have been converted from computer rooms back to general purpose classrooms; The hall and Performing Arts foyer have been repainted; A new Junior School Office has been created; The upper part of the VCE centre has been refurbished into two elegant and comfortable classrooms, one of which will be the study centre in the interim.
Swimming Carnival 2013 - 7 February
Brighton Secondary College looks forward to the action and fun of the carnival at MSAC, Albert Park, this Thursday 7 February. Students are to wear their House Colours to show their support.
Happy New Year
Wishing you all the best for the new year.
We hope you have had a restful holiday period and look forward to another successful school year.  

Year 7 as well as 10 - 12 students resume on Wednesday 30th January 2013, and Year 8 - 9 students resume on Thursday 31st January 2013.
Please note the College General Office will be closed this Thursday 24th January due to a power outage in the Bayside area on this day. We will re-open the office on Friday 25th January.
Principal's Message - December 2012
Presentation Night
A reminder to all BSC family and friends that we welcome you to attend our student Presentation Night for 2012. Tuesday 18 December, 7.30pm, at the Kingston Civic Hall (old Moorabbin Town Hall) on the corner of Nepean Highway and South Road. The formal Awards section of the evening concludes at approx. 9.15pm. We look forward to seeing you there.
Art Exhibition
I officially opened the VCE Art Exhibition at the Brighton Town Hall on Friday 30 November. It was a well-attended evening and works of art were displayed in a very professional manner – a rare opportunity for many of that age. Well done to Mr Spurr, Ms Johnston and Mr Karailis for their work organising this, and all the students on their artwork.
Season’s Greetings
I hope you all have an enjoyable holiday season and I want to wish you all a safe, happy and healthy new year. I look forward to an even more successful year at Brighton Secondary College in 2013.
Principal's News - 29 November
Commencement Program, 3 - 14 Dec
Please note this is compulsory for all students going into 2013. 
VCE Arts & Technology Exhibition
This exhibition will be opening tomorrow on Friday 30 November at the Bayside Arts & Cultural Centre, Corner Wilson and Carpenter Streets Brighton, from 5-7pm. You are all invited! This display of student work will be on show for two weeks, so please take the opportunity to get along and see this magnificent display of our student talents.
Presentation Night
Once again we roll around to the end of another school year and it’s nearing time for Presentation Night. This is one of the most important nights on the College calendar. It is the event where we celebrate the achievements of Brighton Secondary College’s students for 2012. All students are invited to attend, as well as families and friends.
Tuesday 18 December, commencing at 7.30pm at the Kingston Municipal Centre, Corner of South Road and Nepean Highway, Moorabbin.
The formal Awards section of the evening concludes at approximately 9.15pm. Please note that parking is limited in the area, so you should get there with time to spare. We look forward to seeing you there on the night.
Professor Kwong Lee Dow 2014 Young Scholar
Congratulations to Brady Arlt who has been selected this year. The Kwong Lee Dow Young Scholars Program will afford the participants the opportunity to mix with like-minded peers and future leaders.
Principal's News - 15 November
The students are well into their examinations by now, and some lucky ones have even completed the exams for all the subjects they have undertaken. In this school we do not promote the Schoolies notion. For some it becomes a very high risk undertaking. If your son or daughter is intending to take a break under the guise of Schoolies, please offer them the usual word of wisdom and make sure they have access to your contact details at all times.  Having lost a few students to tragedies of one sort or another over my career, I really need my “kids” to take care and not take risks that could be life threatening.
Arts & Technology Exhibition
This exhibition will be opening on 30 November at the Bayside Arts & Cultural Centre, Corner Wilson and Carpenter Streets Brighton, at 5-7pm. You are all invited! This display of student work will be on show for two weeks, so please take the opportunity to get along and see this magnificent display of our student talents. Congratulations to Gabby Hughes of Year 12 on her beautiful art work that won the Principal’s Acquisitive award this year.
Earn & Learn
Thank you to all those who submitted Earn & Learn stickers during the Woolworths Promotion period. We are delighted to announce that in early 2013 our prizes will be delivered to us. We were able to use the 56,000 points earned to select a wonderful mixture of sporting equipment, musical instruments, and laboratory and chemistry equipment for our new science wing!
Principal's News - November 2012
I celebrated the graduation of my 17th group of VCE students at the end of October. Scarily, I think that means that some of them weren’t even born when I started here as Principal in 1996. However it was a sensational night. The students looked magnificent and we were very proud of them all as they were presented with their graduation certificates. It is no mean feat getting through such a packed program and graduating nearly 200 students. My deepest appreciation to Mrs Sentry, Mrs Graham, Ms Angelidis, Miss Dee and Mrs Vlahandreas for all their hard work in the presentation of another fine group of granduands. The highlights for me are always the delight of meeting and shaking hands with each of our students and having a graduation photo taken, the announcement of the Principal Acquisitive Art award - which went to Gabby Hughes for her magnificent bottle-top piece, as well as The Principal’s Award, which went to Vlad Floca. I wish all the students well in their VCE examinations.
Thank you very much to those parents who read and commented on my article in the last issue of Highlights. Please see the home page for the link to my presentation.
Environment Awards
Mia Vissenjoux of 7S has been nominated, and is a Finalist, in our State’s largest sustainability awards program for Victorian schools, the ResourceSmart Schools Awards 2012. Later this month Mia will attend the ResourceSmart Schools Awards event at the Melbourne Convention Centre. Congratulations Mia, we are extraordinarily proud of you.
Principal's News Term 4
As we start Term 4, we consider a number of things about our Year 12 students in particular. Most importantly - how significant this year is for them. I trust that they have given themselves the best of all opportunities by putting in their maximum effort. I know my staff have, as they always do, gone above and beyond for their students. I must express my deep appreciation to those staff who conducted additional classes in the school holidays, which included mock examinations. I am pleased that some students availed themselves of this additional support. In the last few weeks prior to swot-vac, a number of additional mock examinations have been held to offer additional opportunities for students to maximise their results.
Staff Professional Development - As calendared, Monday 5 November is a Pupil Free Day. The college will utilise this time to prepare for implementation of the National Curriculum. Students are not required at the College on this day unless they have an exam.
Principal's News 10 September 2012
Music Extravaganza
Last week I had the good fortune to attend one of the three Instrumental Music presentations held across this fortnight.  I was blown away by the talent. The vocal and guitar or percussion presentations that we were treated to were first rate.  Even year 7 students who have been playing a very short time, displayed outstanding skill, talent and that they had practised a lot.  The pieces played were classic rock or contemporary.  The students clearly loved what they were doing and the relationships with their teachers a very positive key in the progress made. 
Congratulations to Nick Carver, Director of Music on the fantastic work he has done to lift our game so far.  I extend a special thank you to Nyssa Bradsworth, our new voice teacher, who has male and female voices soaring.  Lastly a big Brighton thank you to Serge Delucio for his sensational work with the percussion students! 
Senior Boys Basketball State Champions
PLEASE congratulate Cal Charge, Cal Taylor, Jack Wilson, Peter Demetriou, Alex Sandalis, Jordi Ryall-Escale, Trent Hughes, Andrew James, James Ball or Josh Cerci on becoming the Senior Boys Basketball State Champions! I’m sure it will be days before the smiles fade from their faces and so it should be! This is the first State Championship team that Brighton has had for quite a few years and for these boys it will be a significant moment from their final year at high school. This group of Year 12 boys began their campaign back in Term 1 winning the Kingston flag, then the SMR prelims, then SMR finals and now the State Finals.
Since Year 7 this group of boys have been working towards this achievement. Our boys were up against the best of the best. Eight schools out of 411 in the SSV competition make it this far. The boys had 2 round matches to play, which they won 50-38 and 60-35. This put them through to the big grand finale where they were up against Balwyn HS.
Once again the boys came through and were victorious 45-34. A fantastic effort boys and thank you to Brendan Patemen for all his work and time training with these star basketballers.

Principal's News - 23 August 2012
The Science Technology Arts Wing
The tender for the new building has now been let to a company called Building Engineering.  Their tender was extremely competitive, allowing for many items that might have been deleted to be included.  We expect a fantastic outcome with this company.  Work will commence in the next few weeks.
Netbook Program
During the week I was advised that there will be no further funding to support the Netbook program.  As a school, we are however committed to continuing to implement this program across the school in 2013, and we will endeavour to find a way to ensure this happens.  While I am aware some schools charge as much as $200 per year (non-refundable) to provide a notebook or Netbook, I plan to continue to provide the students a netbook under the current arrangements.  
Camps & Excursions
Year 11 students had an exciting day on 17 August, with students heading in three different directions.  Some went skiing, some went rock climbing and a third group went ice skating.  In proposing the idea for this day to me, Mr Bahramis, the coordinator told me that this group of students are fantastic and working hard at school and deserved a day like this as a reward.  So, well done Year 11!
The Year 8 students are heading off on their Ski camp this week and those not on the ski camp, are attending a Winter Experience which sounds sensational. 
Some good advice I wish to share...
“Remember to laugh every day and do something fun. Spend time outdoors. Move every day and find an activity you love to do. Discover new hobbies. Be mindful of the moment, focus on your breath and take three deep breaths if you start to feel anxious. Practise compassion for another person. Diarise your thoughts and feelings. Play. Make art. Unplug – turn off the TV, computer and mobile phone. Develop a healthy social life – support systems are vital in handling stress."

Julie Podbury
Acknowledgement: Mayo Clinic; Julie Proctor, Oakland University.
Principal's News - 9 August 2012
Over the holidays the Performing Arts Centre Entrance had a spruce up and the results are impressive! 

Rose Brazilek, who was the Brighton Secondary College dux for 2011, has been awarded an Australian Student Prize.  This year Rose is studing Medicine at Monash University and is enjoying working on projects like the Teddy Bear Hospital Initiative, which will teach her how to work with children in hospitals.  Best wishes Rose!
The Tokoname visit to our College concluded on Sunday with many tears as new friends parted company.  During their 9 day stay, Mr Haines, Ms Melches and Mrs Sano arranged tours, class visits, as well as excursions in and around Melbourne and the Bayside area.  Thank you to all the staff who went out of their way to welcome our visitors and accompany them on the various excursions. Again, thank you very much to those families who hosted a student for this very important event.  I remind you that there will be a Japan tour next year.  Families need to be considering if they wish to nominate their child for this priceless opportunity.
We want every child to enjoy environments in which words are not only noticed and appreciated, but also savoured and celebrated. From an early age, children can enjoy new or unusual words and use them in speech and writing. The key for parents is paying attention to what words mean – and how they work.
Principal's News - 31 July 2012
Brighton Secondary College 2011 Year 12 graduate Anna Kirkpatrick was among those awarded at the prestigious Premier’s VCE Awards Ceremony on Wednesday 27 June. She was presented with the Premier’s award for Further Mathematics. 
The Premier’s VCE Awards are a celebration of the very best and brightest students in our schools.  Students must have a study score of 46 or above to be eligible for an award. Anna, you have done yourself, the College, and your friends and family proud – well done! This year Anna has chosen to study Biomed at Monash University.
This week at BSC we have students and staff from our sister school in Japan, Tokoname visiting our College.  During their 9 day stay, staff have arranged tours, class visits, as well as excursions in and around Melbourne and the Bayside area.  Thank you very much to those families who are hosting a student for this very important event.
The Year 10 camps to Canberra and the Work Experience program all went well.  Thank you to staff for leading and attending the camps. I extend a special thank you to all involved in assisting students with their Work Experience and visiting work sites to see how the students were going.
Principal's News - 7 June 2012
Only a few weeks remain of this term and Y10-12 students are well into their exams.  Staff have commenced their reporting for parents also, so we all have our noses to the grindstone at present.
Friday 15 June is a report writing day and as such is a Pupil Free day. 
Speaking of reporting, one of the features of this school is that we like teachers to get their students to issue them with a type of report, so you will hear about the various manner in which staff gather feedback from their students. 
We expect the whole process to be useful, purposeful and provide information in which staff might consider their professional practice in a new light.
The inaugural Sustain-a-ball in 2011 generated a great deal of publicity for this school, and many schools are now copying the idea.  The Y12 social committee is hard at work planning the 2012 event, which will occur on 15 June 7-11pm for students in Y10-12 only.  Tickets are a mere $15, available at the General Office.  The theme is 80’s, which as I recall is anything in bad taste, or hideous over the top eye make-up, boys & girls.
Many thanks to the generous parents who have been in a position to make a donation to the school!  Our building updates are well underway now.
Principal's News - 21 June
The end of term 2 fast approaches, exams are over, teachers are writing their reports and everyone is looking forward to the term break with much anticipation.  Please note on Friday 29 June school will finish at 2.20pm.
I attended the Sustain-a-ball last week at our school, which was a fantastic event for students in Years 10, 11 and 12.  Thank you to everyone involved.
Cut in Half
Charlie Buchner of Year 11 launched his cookbook, Cut in Half, a fundraiser for Little Dreamers, on Sunday to much fanfare.  Congratulations to Charlie on such a successful launch for a very exciting project after so much hard work.  Little Dreamers provides support to the siblings of those who are suffering from serious illness or disabilities.

A is for Attitude
I heard a fantastic radio interview last week, with a dynamic and vivacious woman called Robin Dalton, who astounded me with her positive attitude and view of the world.  At 91 years of age she appeared to have no limits to her energy and capacity for taking on new projects.  She is currently writing two books, a screenplay and producing a movie.  She was 18 at the outbreak of World War 2 and has the most amazing memory of a life she describes as ‘very lucky’.  She views the world through a very positive lens and has plenty of life yet to live, believing there are few things that really matter in life more than work, love and food.  It made me realise just how important your attitude is to the challenges you face in your life.  If you treat every event as something to learn from, no matter how tragic, it may be, you will grow and develop greater strength and depth in your life and even more capacity for taking on what life will throw at you.  This brought to mind one of our College captains from two years ago, Teri Hirschman, who is currently battling cancer.  Once sporting the most glorious head of hair, Teri shaved it all off rather than let the cancer fighting chemicals do the job.  I have never seen anyone looking more gorgeous with no hair, and part of that is her positive attitude, which just shines through.  Our thoughts are with you Teri.  Your positive attitude will help you win this fight, of that there is no doubt.
Make the most of the break and I look forward to touching base with you again in term 3.
Julie Podbury
Principal's News - 29 May 2012
SEAL Examination
On Saturday 19 May over 100 students sat for the SEAL Examination in the hope of gaining a place in the SEAL program at Brighton in 2013.  The Head of SEAL, Brendan Pateman, described the nervous excited tension of this group of potential Brighton students as enlivened.  Offers will be made in the last week of this term.

Parent Support
Parents at this school have generously donated to the tax deductible building fund.  We thank you very much, and remind those who have yet to do so, and wish to do so, that now is a good time in the approach to 30 June – please simply contact the general office.   These funds will be spent on refurbishing the Performing arts entry.  We expect to complete the work in the next term break.  So a very big thank-you to all parents who made donations! 

NAPLAN testing
In mid May NAPLAN testing was conducted in schools right across Australia for all Years 7 and 9 students. The tests provide parents and schools with an understanding of how individual students are performing at the time of the tests. NAPLAN tests are just one aspect of our school’s assessment and reporting process, and do not replace the extensive, ongoing assessments made by teachers about each student’s performance.

Most students in Years 7, 10, 11 & 12, are now using Netbooks in their classes.  By the start of 2014 we intend to have few desk top computers in the school, with all students using a Netbook. As time goes by we hope to move further to the use of on-line text books, where they are suitable, hoping to further reduce costs to parents.
Principal's News - 26 April 2012
Welcome to Term Two
We are in the second week of term two and it is already proving to be a busy term. Our year nine students are experiencing City Camp, our year 10 students are undertaking the Careers Fasttrack program, winter sport training is taking place and all students have been vying for house points at House Athletics.
 Most importantly this term sees building works begin on our new Science and Arts/Technology Wing, which is an important milestone for this College.

ANZAC Day Dawn Service
A record number of students and staff represented the College at the ANZAC Day dawn service, and then breakfasted with a group of veterans from Bentleigh RSL. This has become a tradition at BSC following an approach from WW2 veteran Vic Beitzel to join with his group to commemorate ANZAC Day. My thanks to Ms Tirtahardja for taking on the organisation of this wonderful annual event and my thanks to the students and staff who took part.

Winter Uniform Changeover
As we are in term two, all students must be in complete winter uniform- winter skirts, long sleeve shirt and ties for the girls, and long trousers, long sleeve shirt and tie for the boys.
I ask for parent cooperation that students are suitably attired.
Julie Podbury
Principal’s Report – March 6
School Leaders
Our school leaders at all year levels were inducted at a special general school assembly recently. I am very proud of the students who have put themselves forward to take on a leadership or committee role. There are many opportunities at this school to experience leadership and I hope students avail themselves of these opportunities during their time here.
Gonski School Funding Review
Recently I was asked by the Bayside Leader newspaper to comment on the Gonski Review into funding for schooling. The media has taken a strong interest into the recommendations put forward by David Gonski AC and his review panel. I told the journalist that I welcomed the review but with a note of caution.
While the panel’s recommendations would help to create a level playing field in terms of funding for both government and non-government schools, it remains to be seen if governments (both State or Federal) have the courage to commit to the changes proposed and to the injection of money needed to fund the changes.
On a positive note, it is heartening to see the issue of funding for government schools being debated and in the media spotlight. More talks and working groups are planned and we await their reports.
New Law for serving alcohol to minors
I would like to bring to the attention of our parents the new law regarding serving alcohol to minors that came into effect in Victoria late last year. It is now an offence to supply alcohol to anyone under the age of 18 years in a private residence without parental consent. A fine of more than $7000 can apply. This new law is part of a Victorian Government campaign to reduce the harm that drinking creates for young people, their families and friends. An interactive website has been created for parents and teenagers at and I urge you to visit this site with your children.
Julie Podbury
Principal's News - 17 May 2012
House Athletics
Our House Athletics Sports Day was held last week. We had a record number of students participating, either competing for their house or supporting from the sidelines. Congratulations to Alisia Simmons, Director of Sport, and Lisa Danne, Manager Health & PE, for the smooth organisation of the day’s events. I was pleased to present the winning cup to Grant House, a great effort.

Public/Private School Partnerships
The Sunday Age newspaper recently featured an article on the prospect of public schools forging partnerships with private schools to share resources including facilities and teachers.
At this school we developed a Joint Use Agreement in the late 1990s with Brighton Grammar for the construction of a hockey/tennis facility on an underutilised oval at the College, which could be used by both schools at mutually agreed times and hired out to local sporting clubs. The ground opened in 2000 and 12 years on the arrangement between both schools is still going strong. I believe this illustrates that Public and private school partnerships can work when there are shared values and goals, with the ultimate winners being the students.
BSC A Capella group 'Minitonic'
Minitonic performed at the Inner South East Partnerships Assembly for the Department of Planning and Development in August. They performed with so much professionalism and poise, and as a result, have been invited by the Mayor to perform at the next Citizenship Ceremony in October.  This is a huge honor and we are very proud of the group and their voice teacher Ms Bradsworth!
Click here to see a video of one of their songs, Isn’t she Lovely, by Stevie Wonder.
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